I Have Become A Fan!

The more I watch Jose Bautista play, the more I am becoming a fan of his. The guy is a complete pro on and off the field and has shown that he is more than just a great hitter but also a versitile and great defensive player as well.

Bautista is showing that he is not a one year wonder, as he is still hitting home runs on a pace similar to last year’s. The big difference is that his average is .69 points higher than last season at .329.

Something I noticed is that Bautista is taking outside pitches and hitting them the other way. To me it speaks volumes about the type of hitter that he is, as most power hitters will either wait for pitches to drive out of the ball park or just allow pitches on the outer half of the plate to go by them.

Another area that impresses me about the way Bautista conducts himself, is how he communicates to the younger players on the team. Many times throughout a game, the camera will catch Bautista talking to someone about their last at bat and how to approach their next one. He has gone from a part time player to the undisputed leader of The Blue Jays.

I have not had a favorite player since Larry Walker and Jeff Bagwell have played the game but I think I have become a fan of a player again. Joey Bats is someone to watch and I will be watching!


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