The Kid Has Arrived…

Even though last season was one of ups and downs for The Pittsburgh Penguins but through all the frustrating times there were a few bright spots. One of the brightest was the play of Sidney Crosby in the 41 games that he was able to play before he had to shut himself down in January after recieving a concussion at the hands of David Steckel of The Washington Capitals.

Now I know we will have those who don’t like Sid comment on this post and state how he has no heart, whines too much and that he just SUXXORS. Well I passionately disagree with all of these things. Crosby was at a level or two above the rest of the NHL last season and if he would have been healthy would have easily posted over 60 goals and 140 points.

The streak started November 5, 2011 with two goals against Anaheim.  Sid had 26 goals and 24 assists, while putting up the longest point streak in the NHL since Mats Sundin had a 30-gamer back in 1992-93.

He had seven games with three or more points (including two hat tricks) and had goals in 18 of the 25 games. This had him sitting at the top of the NHL scoring race with 32 goals and 65 points. The Penguins are hoping that he has fully recovered and will gel with newest Penguin Steve Sullivan and last season’s key acquisation James Neals. If Crosby is healthy than we could see his game evolve further and witness him dominate for an entire NHL season.

SIdney Crosby could easily score 50 goals and 140 points this upcoming seasin if Evgeni Malkin and Jordan Staal are healthy and he gels well with whoever is placed on his line. Crosby is the best in the NHL as he continues to work hard to perfect his game and diminish any weaknesses that he may have. This could be a magical season in Pittsburgh.


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