Vivre Les Expos!!!!!!

I have had a few situations come up in my life where I have needed closure on something that was causing me great pain. Whether it was an absentee father or the end of relatonships, I always sought closure to help me get past and eventually move on to the next chapter of my life. I have recieved closure in almost all areas of my life that needed it but one….the relocation of The Montreal Expos to Washington.

I am a huge Expos fan and stuck with the team through the good and the bad, hell even the terrible, but I was there until the last day they existed. I was very lucky to be able to finally see the team in Montreal at Olympic Stadium when the Colorado Rockies were visiting and one of my favorite Expos, Larry Walker, returned and hit a home run. My friend and I were able to score VIP seats by the Expos dugout for $28.00, seriously, only $28.00.

I don’t remember the score of the game but I know the Expos lost but it didn’t matter to me. It didn’t matter that there was only like 4000 people at the game. It doesn’t matter I was shown on the big screen during the 7th inning stretch. All that mattered was that I was there in Montreal watching the team play.

I have had many favorite Expos players over the years and some memorable moments still are burned into my mind. The players I loved were Larry Walker, Vladimir Guerrero, Spike Owen, Tim Wallach, Mike Lansing, Darrin Fletcher, Dennis Martinez, Pedro Martinez, Andres Galarraga, Jeff Fassero, Javier Vasquez, Livan Hernandez, Tim Raines, Henri Roderiquez and Moises Alou. The Expos always seemed to have a deep farm system and when the young guys matured, became stars and the team started to win, the team was stripped down and the young stars dealt to other teams. This was a constant trend throughout the team’s history while I was a fan.

The moments I will always remember are varied but all important. Who could forget “El Presidente….El Perfecto!” when Dennis Martinez pitched a perfect game on July 28, 1991 against the Los Angeles Dodgers. How about on September 17, 1993 when The Expos rallied to take an 8–7 victory in front of 45,757 fans at Olympic Stadium against the Philadelphia Phillies. Curtis Pride, who was hearing disabled, was the hero who doubled in two runs and then scored later in the inning. Pride said he could not hear the cheers but he could feel the vibrations of the people in the stadium. The times that Larry Walker threw runners out at first base from right field and the pitching heroics of Pedro Martinez still resonate with me to this very day,

I need closure on this wound but I am afraid it will never come. No matter how much I try I can not bring myself to cheer for the Washington Nationals, even though they have The Expos colors and history. I have become a Blue Jays fan by default and do hope on day in my life time that I may be able to see The Expos play again in Montreal.


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