And There Came A Day………

“And there came a day….a day unlike any other….when Earth’s mightiest heroes found themselves united against a common threat…to fight the foes no single super hero could withstand….on that day…..The Avengers were born.”

I have never ever hidden the fact that I am a comic book junkie or that I prefer Marvel to DC comics most of the time but that is a blog for another day. This random rant today will be focused on the leaked Avengers trailer that has everyone talking. When I first see Facebook posts and you tube videos claiming that there is a “leaked” trailer from any movie I am always skeptical, so of course I approached the idea that an Avengers trailer was bogus when I first saw a comic news website post it.

As I watched the trailer I realized that it was real….damn real. The quality of the trailer is poor as there is a live crowd screening it. I will attempt to review the trailer as best as I can based on the quality.

It opens with a man hitting a heavy bag that boxers use to train. As his sessions goes on he hits the bag harder and faster until he knocks it from it’s hanging fixed location to across the room. A voice then can be heard across the room that asks “Trouble sleeping?” It is Nick Fury and the man who was training was Steve Rogers aka Captain America. As Fury walks closer to him, Rogers starts untaping his hands and asks “Are you here with a mission Sir?”

Fury replies with “I am.” as he continues to walk towards Rogers., who then replies with “Trying to get me back into the world?”  Fury them waits a few seconds and states “Trying to save it.” Rogers looks to Fury and the screen goes black.

( The next bit of the trailer is very dark and hard to see but I will type what I can see and give no gurantee on it being 100% completely accurate)

Sceneic shot of a city is then followed by a shot of a room which could be a lab. There is then a shot of a group of people walking together through a hallway. (This could be The Avengers on a tour of the facility but I can not tell for sure) writing flashes up on the screen that says “NEXT SUMMER.”

Something flies by in the dark (could be Iron Man)and Fury can be heard saying “Do you think you are the only Super Hero in the world?” The word “SOME” appears on the screen. Agent Colson appears on screen and then a sceneic shot of outside a possible S.H.I.E.L.D. base. The word “ASSEMBLY” appears on the screen. The they show a man in a trench coat (Who could be Fury), Tony Stark, Captain America in costume without the mask, Bruce Banner, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye and then the word “REQUIRED” appears on the screen.

The next scene is a dark scene that does show Fury, an explosion, Cap’s costume hanging in a glass case and then Thor lifting Mjolnir to the heavens as lightning strikes the hammer. The next scene is Iron Man flying towards the camera.

The trailer gets incredibly dark here and out of the next few scenes I can only make out an explosion.

A man who appears to be Bruce Banner removes his glasses. Then Black widow then shows up and appears to be shooting a weapon and Iron Man is next shown facing the camera. The screen goes black. Hawkeye is shown with an arrow drawn and fires. Another explosion erupts. More dark scenes that are difficult to distinguish except for a few more explosions.

Screen goes black for a few seconds. Scene with Thor standing looking unsure of what is going on as the rest of the team is seated at a table behind him. Captain America is visible. Fury from off screen says “Gentlemen. You’re up,” Screen goes black again as “Marvel Studios: The Avengers” appears on the screen. The people in attendance go crazy with loud cheering. The end of the trailer has Tony tapping Thor on his arm playfully and saying “Nice Swing.” The trailer ends with Thor hurling Mjolnir at the screen.

Ok. Wow I just typed out a lot of words eh? Here is the interesting thing I noticed about Thor in the trailer. In the last scene of the trailer in which he hurls Mjolnir he is wearing what looks to be the costume from his movie. Which is good as I do really like the look. If you notice however, when he is shown with the other Avengers, he is wearing a sleeveless version of his costume. I have no issue with this if it is an “Avengers” costume or just a costume he wears when he is not fighting. You would have to think that Thor would not want to wear a huge set of armor and cape all the time. It works in that sense and borrows heavily from the look of Thor in Marvel’s Ultimate Universe.

The other areas in which Thor looks different is physical. His hair appears to be noticibly longer and more true to the comic. In the comic the other Avengers would give Thor grief about how much hair he had. So it is cool to see it longer. The other area is the size of his arms. My god did Chris Hemsworth feel the need to load up the guns for the biggest comic book movie ever?!?!?!? I dare say so. Thor is a physical prescense in this film no doubt and I feel will over shadow the cgi Hulk. I am relieved to see that Mjolnir has remained intact from the Thor movie and has not been given an over haul.

I will leave you with the differences in Thor from his movie to The Avengers:


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