I Believe In CM Punk!

I am not a HUGE wrestling fan and would truly consider myself a casual fan. I do not watch every episode of Raw, Smackdown or Tna/Impact Wrestling but I used to follow it for many years. I, of course, had my favorites in each of the major federations. In the WWF/WWE it was Bret “The Hitman” Hart, Kane, The Undertaker and Triple H. In WCW it was Sting, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit and Ric Flair and in ECW it was Raven, Mike Awesome, Taz and Tommy Dreamer.

Once the competition was eliminated by Vince MacMahon, I lost interest in wrestling. It was alomost like Vince lost his edge as he didn’t feel the need to not only push the envelope but also push and evolve the product as a whole. The state of the WWE over the past 5 to 6 years is a perfect example. All we have had crammed down our throats has been John Cena, Randy Orton, Batista and Triple H. I wanted something different and I first caught glimpse of it in Vince’s vision of ECW when CM Punk debuted.

I am not going to go over the man’s past or the accomplishments in his career but I wanted to touch upon something I witnessed at the WWE Money In The Bank PPV that took place last night. I saw  CM Punk not just take the next step but take a whole flight of stairs up the rung. His match with Jon Cena was fantastic as was the build and the amazing worked shoot promos that Punk delivered on Raw leading up to the PPV.

CM Punk was hated by the fans because he spoke the truth. The man lives a straight edge lifestyle and brought that to his character in wrestling. He is the best talker and the best wrestler in the company and is the current WWE Champion who took the title belt off the waist of Super Cena. For this I am elated. Now Punk’s contract has “ended” and he stated that he will not be returning to the WWE, but I have an idea of how they do make this work.

Vince will want a World Champion of some sort on his flag ship show, so he creates an interm WWE Title and awards it to Alberto Del Rio since he won not only the Money In The Bank Match but also the #1 conter match on Raw. After a few months after Del Rio runs his mouth by saying he is the greatest WWE Champion of all time, have Punk re-emerge with the real WWE title. Not the spinner title but the previous one to that, the one that actually looked like a wrestling title.

Punk can call Del Rio out on not pinning him and being a false champion. This would set up a fantastic match to unify the titles and would be one hell of a wrestling match. I think Del Rio should be billed as “Vince’s Champion” and Vince should be his mentor so to speak. Punk could embrace being the anti-hero and add another layer to his straight edge gimmick.

As always, if anyone is reading this, let me know what ya think!


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