What At E3 Had Me Sitting On The Edge Of My Chair….

  I was watching the Spike TV coverage of the 2011 E3 event this past year and saw some very exciting hardware, software and innovations being announced. I am going to put this out there right away and will not hide the fact that I a Microsoft X-Box owner. I bought a replacement system when the first one gave out on me and have 52 games for the system. Between Rock Band and Guitar Hero alone I have almost 1000 songs downloaded and I have various instrument and microphone accessories.

One thing I never imagined I would ever want to own was a Kinect add on for the X-Box. It didn’t appeal to me and seemed like it was just not worth the money as the potential of the device was not even being scratched. That is until E3.

What I saw was the future of the X-Box and I will admit I am impressed. The way that they implemented the Kinect into Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon seemed to be borrowing from Robert Downey’s Tony Stark in Iron Man. The ability to configure  a weapon by just using the movement of your hands blew my mind.

I also loved the idea behind the Kinect Labs and the ability to use the device to interact with your avatar, photos and it’s many other abilities as well. It appears that Microsoft has heard the cries from the fans to do something more with the hardware. It will appear that the Kinect will dominate the time and the gaming sites for the next little while.

I was very excited to see that Microsoft is giving some love to Halo by re-issuing the game with an up to date engine and up to date graphics. This gives me hope that Halo 2 will recieve the same treatment and then could be added to my video game collection. I know that Halo is getting love as it is the 10 year anniversary but a Halo nerd can dream right???

So this takes me to the moment of E3 that had me sitting with my mouth open and on the edge of my seat. “The Trailer.” As we know, Bungie has stepped away from Halo and we as fans were wondering if Halo: Reach would be the last Halo game. Our questions and prayers were answered when Microsoft announced 343 Studios had a trailer to unveil to end their time at E3. The people in attendance sat and watched as an orange ball of light moved through space as the voice of a woman could be heard screaming for help. The orange light changed shape a few times and them took the form of a human heart that started to beat.  She continued to plead for help from “John” and then as the crowd start to cheer as a cryo pod came into view and the woman yelled “Chief!” as Masterf Chief as only he can, kicked the door open and uploaded the AI into his helmet. He then found a weapon as the ship he was in was exploding all round him.  The last thing we experience is the Halo theme playing as Chief stands outside the ship as a tractor beam appears to be drawing it in.

I love the Halo franchise. I am not a first person shooter fan boy but the game appeals to me. Part of it is due to the sadness of the story but also the character of Master Chief. He is the face of the X-Box and it was because of him and Halo, that the system stuck around and has been a success. In a time where the most recognizable characters are plumbers, hedge hogs and other characters geared for kids, I find it refreshing to see a character like Master Chief champion a system.

Here is the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TC2yMKMENdg


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